Expert level tricks to last much longer in sex

If you are one of those who want to lengthen intercourse but do not know how, here are a series of techniques that you can follow to achieve your goal. Click here for sex shop.

Incorporate toys

It may seem to “cheat,” but that shouldn’t matter to you when it comes to making sure you both have an orgasm, right? If it can’t last long enough for her to finish, you can start penetration with a vibrator. When she is close to the goal, you can enter and finish yourself. Visit this site for sex shop.

More preliminaries

Orgasm is usually the end, so why not lengthen the intimate encounter to delay it? Although the intercourse is “short”, you can extend the time you both spend in the preliminaries. (Yes, we are encouraging you). The important thing is that you both end up satisfied.

sexual relations

Try something new

If you have been with the same partner for a considerable period, your sexual relations have become routine out of necessity. Mind you, that doesn’t mean they are worse, but you know how things are going to happen and in what order. Your body, in a nutshell, anticipates what is to come. That is why it is advisable to add new positions, games, gadgets … to excite the body and mind. It will distract you and make you last longer.


Another trick is to stop penetration. If you feel that you are about to arrive, it is best to stop for a minute. You can invest this time in other arts such as cunnilingus. Most likely, you will delay orgasm. Of course, you have to know when to give ‘pause’, since, according to a sex therapist. Everyone has a point of no return where ejaculation it’s impossible to stop.