Play to your heart’s content with the new and awesome game of Bingo. Well, I am not saying to play only with your friends. But play with gamblers all around the globe. Yes, the new game of online Bingo allows you to compete with them. All you have to do is make your mood to play some Bingo.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game which allows you to try some luck in gambling. The set of Bingo is just like any other regular game you can. Easy and straightforward to play. All you need is a spirit and a few good reflexes. In this game, players are given a card. The card has some numbers written on it. The sequence of the numbers is random. The numbers written will be different on each card. There will be a person or in some cases, a monitor who calls random numbers. In the cases of online Bingo, the screen will show some random numbers. Your task is to cross out the numbers in your card which matches the numbers announced. Now, this is your chance where you need to have good reflexes. Remember, a lot of players are playing with you. So, the task was to cross out numbers. Now, when the numbers are crossed out, you will have to call for a winning.

What are the winnings?

There are many types of prizes in bingo; some are below. Remember, we are talking about a card having 5*5 boxes. Some might be filled; some might be not.

  • Any single line

If you cross out any one of the five lines, you can call to the house for a prize.

  • Any two lines

Any two lines being crossed out comes under this category.

  • The Big X

Time to win for a big X, that’s right, both diagonals crossed, making a big X on your ticket.

  • Four Corners

All the corners of the ticket fall under this.

  • Full House

King of the show. When all the numbers are crossed, you win.

  • Other Patterns

There are some different patterns too, on which the prize can be claimed. For example, A, O, P etc.

The Bottom Line

Online Bingo is no different than a regular Bingo. The number announced flashes on screen, and you have to cross out the number. Remember, the first one to call out to the house wins. So, make sure you have good reflexes. You can play online Bingo on many sites such as Gratis Bingo.